Friday, July 3, 2009

tHe MoST BuSy AnD HeCtIc Week In My LiFe

This what I feel throughout this week
Can you imagine???
This what i've gone through for this week:
but i'm very lucky to have friends that are always by my side
willing to wake me up
from my day_dreaming
give me full support and helps
and also try to cheer me up whenever I feel down...
Thanks to all my friends
thanks for all the support
thanks for all the helps
thanks for everything
May Allah bless all of you..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Multilingual public speaking will be held this monday and guess what I'm one of the participant
I have to give my speech in Arabic
the duration given for each person to deliver their speech is about 7-8 minutes
All my classmates in MEG5 participate in this event
talking about this event...
This is actually a non-stop 52 hours public speaking
And will be a record in our country Malaysia
Hopefully it is successful
It will begin on 12 pm this monday and finish on wednesday
We also have special participant
can you guess who
Profesor Habibah and Cikgu Hasan will join this event
Prof Habibah will be the first one to deliver the speech
Each and every of the contestant need to memorise their text
and make sure that they are fully prepared for this event
sO PLEASE pray for our success
My turn is on Tuesday, 3:16 am
can you imagine
I've prepared my text
so my important mission now is to memorise the text
My speech is mainly about the role of muslim youth to their society
it's about two pages long
Just wish me luck for my speech
A lot of experience that I have gained for about 1 month staying here in INTEC
And I can say that my confident level is increasing day by day..
Every lecturer has different ways in teaching their subject
But what I've notice that each subject need us to participate and share our opinion
Hectic, busy, tired. is the best way to describe life as a a premedical student
a lot of assignment waiting their turn to be completed
quizzes to be answered
and also presentation to be done
Talking about quizzes
I've answered biochemistry quiz and I was shocked as getting the mark
I didn't expect to get such mark
But what I can said ALHAMDULILLAH
Now I have to prepare myself
for my next quiz

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New subject....New experience

After 3 weeks in INTEC i've learned lot of new things and also gain a lot of new knowledges...
Let me conclude this subject one by one
starting from
Our lecture is miss alia
young n loves giving us quizzes at the end of the class
hmm.. biology we learnt a little bit about human anatomy
I had memorizes some of those anatomy terms in biology
sternal:breastbone area
the lecture same goes to biology miss alia
for me biochemistry is a totally different from chemistry that i had learnt in form 5....
we have to understand the concept in order to understand the subject
and some that of the concept that we had learnt in form 5 is totally different
for example what i understand about covalent is that it is a weak bond but know in bochem it said that covalent bond is the strongest bond.....
hmm... i'm totally needs a lot of revision in this subject....
i found out that this is the most interesting subject that i've learnt here
apart from that we've got the most experienced lecture..her name is puan wati a pharmacist.......
puan wati is a part time lecture in intec but i'm really amaze by the way she teach us, sharing her experience dealing with patient and advise us about a lot of things
English for premedic student:
Our lecture is miss hasnaa
Her english is really amazing
I think this subject really help me and all my friends to improve our communication skills because we need to do a lot of presentation
n also speak out our opinion about certain topics
apart from that i really loves miss hasnaa because she always smile in our class
really enjoying my english sessions with her..
Arabic for premedic student:
our lecture is ustaz janudin
we have to learn how to speak in 'ammi arabic
totally different from what I had learnt in my previous school
the arabic that we learnt is totally weird for me but i really enjoy my class
Computer Literacy:
Puan umiatun is teaching us this subject
learning about the computer stuff n all the terms about computer is actually quite interesting
to attend this subject we have to travel from block W to block R
a little bit exhausted ...
Civilization in IsLAMIC Medicine:
Learning about the history of islamic medicine
talking about history makes me sleepy..
I'm really2 sorry to ustazah arfah our lecture if i had fall asleep in her class
Last but not least is introduction to islamic medicine
Our lecture ustazah rokiah is not around so I never met her yet
But we have been given our first group assingment based on the topic of ophtalmology and we have to present this topic to the entire class...
Talking about all those subject
I have to do the best in all the subject
paying attention in class n revise it at home
Really have to change my study style starting from now
This is not high school anymore
so wake up and make a move.....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

StarTiNg NeW LiFe

Almost two weeks in intec.......
Really feels that I am a university student
and not forgotten a medic student
Living here all alone makes me realise that we have to depence on ourself in everythimg that we did

waking up in the morning (no mum at my side to help waking me up) but i'm still survive with the help of my alarm
wash own washing machines but I think it just ok for me because it is a kind of exercise right......
Find own food to eat....really sad because we cannot cook here...........if we can it really can save our budget.........
But the foods here is really delicious and affordable......
Loves eating Nasi goreng paprik,nasi goreng pataya.......

First day in class was really a great experiences because we've got our first assingment for group presentation in English For Premedic Student.....The title is Culture belief in Medicine for Malay.......sounds great and i'm really lucky to be in a group with those who are really hardworking and determination to do the best for our group presentation.......

We started to discuss about the presentation around 8 o'clock finished it around 10.30 o'clock...
Everyone in my group cames to our house c2/406 for our discussion.......

And then the day of our presentation....
we voluntered to be the first group to present
really nervous at that times......
all the girls group are doing their presentation on mahjung paper...
kind of 'kuno' a little bit
but we did our best
one of the mix group (2 boys and 3 girls) use slide show as their presentation medium......
just wait next time we will do better than yours........hehehe

Now just can't wait to learn about other subjects
* introduction to islam and medic
*civilization in medic
*computer literacy
*arabic for premedic student

waiting for lectures to come in and feed our minds with all those new things

one more things me, nisa and atin are in the same class which is meg 5
hehehe poor hani all alone in meg 3
but it's okey because hani is an easy get going person so I think she can survive in meg 3

About meg 5
we have 22 students inside the class
6 boys (minority group)
16 girls(of course majority group)

Now we are waiting for the second intake under jpa scholarship as what ustazah fatahiyah mentioned to us
so we will become like a month senior to them......

Hope I will survive here with the help of my friends
peace no war......

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My first day in intec........

17 May 2009
My first day in intec begin in this day....what about my feelings in that day....happy+nervous+sad
happy because I will meet new friends from all over malaysia.....
nervous because i'm all alone in this big shah alam city..........
sad because I have to say goodbye to my beloved family.....

the last moment when I have to say goodbye to my family Ialmost cry.....
I know I will miss them very much especially my mum....mum know I'm all alone here just pray for my success and I will always miss you guys there....

Then after those all sad moment I went upstairs to my room c2/406
Ok my hostel name is cemara......the male hostel
funny right because all the MEP students will be staying in this hostel for 3 months until we finish our foundation....

About my rooms......I didn't expect that we will be staying in an apartment because I thought that we will be staying in a place like a dorm in boarding school........There were 2 rooms,1 toilet.
1 kitchen and a balcony......really sounds like a house right but we cannot all my cooking skill that i had learn from my mum cannot be applied here......hehehe seems like i'm really good in cooking ha...actually i'm just a beginner

What about my housemates??
My roommate.......we used to call her atin ayu....she's a kelantanese
My two housemates are hani and nisa
Hani is my ex-schoolmates among four of us she's the tallest...her nickname is hani gebu
Last but not least nisa or better known as nisa cute.....She's our bread supplier....she loves to eat mee hon kungfu...
I'm really thankful to have them as my housemates......I love you guys very much......

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my first experience

my first experience.....
today is my interview day
saya apply scholarship bawah jpa
fuh...bila diorang dah letakkan kitaorg dlam group me is da only malay in those group
ketar......getaq......nervous toksah dok cakap la
group kitaorang dapat tajuk drug addictedthen those panel ask our opinion bout one emergency case...........what action would we take in that situation......
so skarang tunggu result samaada dpt ke x scholarship to
kalau dapat ALHAMDULILLAH....